This stunt version of the Son’a “Sawed-off-shotgun” was used during the production of Star Trek: Insurrection. Stunt props are often made of special material to protect the stunt actor. This prop has a soft foam main body which is painted black with silver highlights. The weapon features a plastic round tip with silver emitter and a black plastic round tubing stock. It measures 30in x 8in x 7in. The rifle shows signs of wear from production use.

The shotgun was used by Son'a, Tarlac and Ellora.

The shotgun was used by Son’a, Tarlac and Ellora.

Three different races use this kind of weapon in Star Trek: Insurrection: the powerful Son’a and their servants, the Tarlac and the Ellora.

A Tarlac soldier (left) with the "Sawed-off-shotgun".

A Tarlac soldier (left) with the “Sawed-off-shotgun”.

The Son’a shotgun was designed by Ed Natividad. He was both a storyboard and conceptual artist for Star Wars Episode I and II. As a conceptual artist he helped shape the look of Episode I’s architectural elements, costumes and weaponry. Ed started working at George Lucas’ special effects company Industrial Light & Magic in 1994. His work in the film industry has been on various productions such as Star Wars: Episodes I & II, Armageddon, Batman & Robin, Forrest Gump, Matrix II & III and Terminator 3, Transformers and many of the major blockbuster films.

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