sona-female-1-webThis uniform was worn by actress Claudette Nevins for her role as a Son’a Officer in the feature film Star Trek: Insurrection, which opened December 11, 1998.  In the movie the crew of the Enterprise rebels against Starfleet and the Federation to prevent the exploitation of a defenseless race called the Ba’ku.


The costume includes a metallic earth-green vinyl jumpsuit with patterned shoulders. Down each side are black strips of capillary rubber, the bottom of each leg has black elastic stirrups and there is a zip up the back. The lined waistcoat is made of pleated velvet with brown bubbled latex trim. Three metal rips Velcro onto each side and a single rib Velcro’s onto each shoulder denoting rank.

sona-female-2-web-whiteThe knee high black boots are padded with four metal rings around each calf. The gloves are black leather, cotton and bubbled latex with a latex hand control on the back of the left glove. Also included is a Son’a cowl.The sewn in tags read “Claudette Nevins”.


Claudette Nevins’ first stage work in New York was on Broadway in The Wall (Millard Lampell’s adaptation of John Hersey’s novel about the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto) with George C. Scott. The National Company of The Great White Hope, in which she starred with Brock Peters, brought her to Los Angeles, after which she began working in television.  For two and a half years she was seen in the long-running daytime soap opera Love of Life playing Laurie Krakauer. As a series regular, she was seen in Headmaster (opposite Andy Griffith), Husbands, Wives, and Lovers, and Married: the First Year (a David Jacobs project). Her guest star appearances include Beverly Hills 90210, Barnaby Jones, Melrose Place, JAG, Three’s Company, Lou Grant, Without a Trace, M*A*S*H, and many others (Source: Wikipedia).

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