The Remans are a humanoid species first seen in Star Trek: Nemesis. They capture Captain Jean-Luc Picard after it is discovered that the Reman Praetor Shinzon is a clone of him. The mask was worn by actor Marti Matulis who worked as background actor in the movie. Matulis served as the fit model for the Reman warrior costumes during the design phase of Star Trek Nemesis, too.

“I got started early on that movie, as the fit model during the design of the Reman costumes. The best place to see me is when Ron Pearlman boards the Enterprise with his commando team. I’m the guy to the left of him as the gang rounds the hallway. I drop to my knee and take out a few red-shirts. Then, toward the end of the firefight, I take a rifle blast from Worf, and go down with a “Eeyorrrgh!” – Marti Matulis

Marti Matilus as a Reman warrior in Star Trek: Nemesis (© Paramount Pictures)

Marti Matilus as a Reman warrior in Star Trek: Nemesis (© Paramount Pictures)

The Remans were created as a response to the challenge of devising a new, terrifying alien race for Nemesis. It was screenwriter John Logan who came up with the idea of featuring Remans as the villains of the 2002 film:

“The idea of the Remans being vampirelike slaves, laboring away in the dilithium mines, never seeing the sun, grew out of our desire to create a truly monstrous race. […] It seemed obvious to me that the Romulans would subjugate some other race to dig dilithium for them. Much too messy for our pristine and elegant Romulans.”

Reman Mask from Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

Reman Mask

The Reman head application is made of foam rubber. The two piece set consists of a detailed skull cap with sculpted ears, cranial ridges and spray-paint to compete the effect of Reman skin. The second piece is the face application that is designed to cover the top half of the face and has had the same detailed attention paid to it to create the finished Reman appearance. The eyes has been added by Tom Spina who restored the mask.

The Reman makeup is ultimately highly elaborate. “It was a full appliance makeup,” explained Michael Westmore, “with a complete face piece that blended in with a headpiece. The actors’ lower lips and chins were their own; but everything else was covered with the appliances, which were airbrushed with a marbleized pattern [….] We had eight Reman performers, and we didn’t know which one Stuart [Baird] was going to pull up front [in closeup], so they all had to have the full makeup, which included teeth and contact lenses and hands painted to match the face.”

The Reman head was sculpted by Earl Ellis. The Remans’ ears are made of a semi-translucent latex and included veins. “The ears were neat,” commented Michael Westmore. “Stuart [Baird] said, ‘I want to be able to see through the ears.’ I made the ears out of clear gelatin, so if there’s any backlight behind them you can see through them. Then we painted veins on the back of the ears, so if the light was showing through you could even see veining through them.”

A Nosferatulike alien.

A Nosferatulike alien.

The concept of the Remans looking akin to vampires was also inspired by their lack of exposure to sunlight. “[Director] Stuart Baird and Rick Berman had the idea that they wanted the Remans to have an almost Nosferatulike feeling, but without making them into vampires,” remembered makeup supervisor Michael Westmore, referencing the vampire Count Orlok from the 1922 horror movie Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens.

Indeed, the script for Star Trek: Nemesis describes the Remans as having “a disturbing resemblance to the original Nosferatu.” Count Orlok actually served as inspiration for the Reman makeup design. Westmore related, “Stuart [Baird] handed me a picture of Nosferatu and said that was exactly what he wanted. He said, ‘I need an alien [species] that looks like this.’ And that’s exactly what we did. I did some sketches for him and then we went to town on it. We designed the head and ears.”

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