An Elloran Standard Uniform

An Elloran Standard Uniform

The “Ellora” were a primitive race that appeared in the Star Trek: Insurrection feature film (1998) as the indentured servants to the more powerful Son’a. The jumpsuit was worn by an Elloran officer serving on board the Son’a flagship.

The costume is a dark blue satin and cotton jumpsuit featuring black rubber and velcro accents with zip up back. The jumpsuit features a white tag on the inside with the words “Elloran’s Chianti #1”. The costume has two silver metal and black and silver nylon waist guards and a red colored rubber gorgeut.

Black boots with capillary rubber trim accompany the costume. The name Rick Worthy is written inside the boots. Originally with three egg shaped rings that are designed to go around the top. The rings are now self-made.

The gloves with an attached comunicator have beed designed for the Son'a, Tarlac and Ellora.

The gloves with an attached comunicator have beed designed for the Son’a, Tarlac and Ellora.

The gloves are black leather, cotton and bubbled latex with a latex hand control on the back of the left glove.

The Ellora were not included in the screenplay until the very last draft, before production. The producers decided to give the Son’a a more powerful appearance by enslaving the two species.

Costume sketch by Rosi Gabl.

Costume sketch by Rosi Gabl.

The Tarlac, who are servants, too, wore purple uniforms, the Ellora wore blue – this was to make it easier for the audience to visually differentiate them.

The costume was designed by Sanja M. Hays. Prior to her work on Star Trek: Insurrection, Hays designed the costumes for such films Spaced Invaders, Independence Day and the Marvel Comics-based vampire hit Blade.

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