Data's Pyrotechnic Vest from Star Trek: First Contact

Data’s Pyrotechnic Vest and shirt from the 21st century.

This amazing piece of Star Trek history is featured in Star Trek: First Contact (1996) for wear by Brent Spiner in his portrayal of “Lt. Commander Data”.

Data can be seen wearing the vest and shirt in the film once Lilly (Alfre Woodard) shoots Data with the machine gun as he drops down into the Phoenix launch silo.

The 21st century away team costume consists of a long sleeved, brown, button front shirt with a fine black zigzag pattern, and a quilted green zip front vest with red leather strips affixed over both shoulders and multiple ‘bullet holes’ on both the front and rear. The vest has some distressing/wear present from the production including dried gold.

The bullet holes in the back.

The bullet holes in the back.

The pyrotechnic is still visible inside. The piece is very heavy, containing numerous metal plate backings behind the charges to prevent any harm from befalling Brent Spiner as they exploded, and also retains many wires that at some point were connected to an explosive detonator. The sewn-in tag reads “No. 25297-I”, “Name Brent Spiner” and “Chest 40 1/2”.

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