The shirt and the vest were made for wear in the ninth Star Trek feature film “Insurrection” (1998). The costume was used presumably by actor Brent Spiner or stuntman Brian John Williams. Williams was the main stunt double for Brent Spiner.

The costume consists of a long-sleeved, light-blue tunic featuring an open-neck collar and a dark and light blue, two-toned, suede vest. Shirt and vest have a zip up on the back.

Costume sketch by Rosi Gabl

Costume sketch by Rosi Gabl

Sanja Milkovic Hays was the costume designer for Star Trek: Insurrection. In an interview with Larry Nemecek for the official souvenir magazine of Star Trek: Insurrection she stated that she has tried to give the main cast a rebellious look with the civilian outfits. Data has to wear a vest because the Ba’ku child Artim wears one, too. She also tried to give him a touch of perfectionism, a little like a puppet. Data should be slightly cagey, while everyone else wearing the jacket open.

About Brian J. Williams

Brian Williams as Data in Star Trek: Insurrection

Brian Williams as Data in Star Trek: Insurrection

Brian J. Williams was the stunt double for Brent Spiner on Star Trek: The Next Generation and on the four feature films. He also doubled actors such as Marc Alaimo, Rene Auberjonois, and Robert O’Reilly on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

One of his biggest stunt scenes in Star Trek: Insurrection was cut and removed from the final released version. This scene, a fight with stuntmen Brian Avery, Joey Box, and Eddie Braun shows Data who pushes three enemy soldiers off a cliff and then uses a Son’a drone to rescue them. 


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