Ru'afo from Star Trek: Insurrection

Ru’afo from Star Trek: Insurrection

This Ru’afo uniform was worn by F. Murray Abraham’s stunt double Perry Barndt. “Ru’afo” (played by F. Murray Abraham) was the leader of the Son’a people. They were featured prominently in Star Trek IX: Insurrection (1998) where they were fighting a loosing battle to overcome the affects of aging without access to the regenerative effects of the Ba’ku planet’s metaphasic radiation. The species is a humanoid race decended from the Ba’ku who are known for their egotistical and materialist nature.

The costume consits of a gold colored vinyl jumpsuit with patterned shoulders. Down each side are black strips of capillary rubber, the bottom of each leg has black elastic stirrups and there is a zip up the back.

The jumpsuit has bronze ribs that Velcro onto the sides. The lined waistcoat is made of pleated velvet with black bubbled latex trim. Four bronze ribs Velcro onto each shoulder denoting Ru’afo’s rank as leader. The knee high black boots are padded with four metal rings around each calf. Ru’afo wears a cowl with a bronze skull plate on his head. Ru’afos uniform was designed by Sanja Milkovic Hays.

The costume is believed to be used during the filming of the ending of Star Trek: Insurrection. When Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) boards the Son’a Particle Collector ship to destabilize and thus destroy it, he is confronted by a winded Ru’afo. They are surrounded by puffs of plasma which vents all around them. Picard fires and the plasma explodes, sending Ru’afo flying off his feet and down to a lower level, where he is barely able to hang on.


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